Effective Communication in the Workplace: Key to Success?

Posted 12/19/2016 in Business Benefits, Interactive Technology, Social Networking

The question is often asked within a business of any size: what can lead to a more effective workplace? What leads to a faster innovation in ideas? What will make this business more successful? The answer: a fostering of workplace communication, collaboration, and community. A simple fact of all humans is that we are all social beings. This has remained true throughout history, no matter how strongly modern-day bureaucracy tries to fight personal contact. The fact is that all humans have a desire to communicate with others, form personal relationships, and have the opportunity to share their ideas with others. Today, cramped work environments and isolated cubicles often cut off from effective communication between individuals who sometimes only sit a few feet away from each other. Just like our learning environment in primary and secondary education, we grow and thrive on collaboration and socialization with our peers. This is where ideas are spread, innovation is facilitated, and productivity is multiplied. So, in today’s modern workplace where technology is the center of our attention, how do co-workers conspire to come up with better, more creative, and more innovative ideas while still being equally productive in their day-to-day duties? Our answer: a […]


Why Educators Should Advance Along Side of Technology

Posted 05/24/2016 in Business Benefits, Education Issues, Industry Trends, Interactive Technology, Mobile Technology, Online Education

The resistance to change for many educators has been strong, and understandably so. For centuries, the education system has remained in the traditional classroom, mostly absent from most modern technology. For the K-12 classrooms, only the most simplified technology, such as laptops and computers have made it into the lives of young students. Why? Research has shown over and over again that communication between students and teachers will consistently improve learning for students. Quality collaboration for students allows them to more deeply understand the material as well as teach the material to others. This traditional way of education has remained the same for a reason. However, with tuition on the rise and a broader population with lack of access to higher education, traditional classrooms are no longer a plausible option. In fact, the rapidly paced advancements in technology, there are many pressures from the world that simply demand the education system to “get with the times”. With the ever-increasing progressions in technology, there are solutions for unaffordable college tuition, and the populations who cannot reach education institutions. The world is now pressuring education systems to meet the demands of the world, including technological advancements and more globalized students. It’s time […]


Strengthening the relationship between the artist and fan base

Posted 09/16/2015 in Business Benefits, Interactive Technology, Mobile Technology

Hundreds of bands and solo artists across world have searched for a way to reach their fans more easily and efficiently. iQ technologies offers a platform that gives artists the capability to interact with their fan base. With more fan base interaction, the artist can gather feedback and apply that to their career. For musicians who wish to announce upcoming shows, iQ technologies offers several features to broadcast events. By creating an event, you can inform your followers of the date, time. and location of your occasion. Within seconds of posting your event, followers will instantly view the event from their live feed, allowing your post to reach the maximum amount of fans. iQ Event Management allows for these unique settings, and more: •Google Map integration •Invitation management (target specific connections & areas such as groups and networks) • Events publishing to activity streams • Share event on Facebook or Twitter • Support for recurring (repeating events) •Event custom fields management • Upcoming and past event management • RSVP management (attending, not attending, maybe, not responded) • Past event management user management (did attend, did not attend) • Event notification management • Assign other owners/admins to an event • Full […]


iQ Press: Make your news stand out

Posted 08/13/2015 in Business Benefits, Mobile Technology, Online Education, Product Updates

We are surrounded by hundreds of news feed sources, nearly all the time. What makes the press so special in today’s technology-driven world is that almost all news reports are digital. With the use of newspaper fading by the day, nearly all consumers rely on their mobile devices to catch up on the news. However, this leaves newsrooms with the reality that they have to compete with hundreds of sources for consumer attention. What can make your newsroom stand out? Real time news feed and the ability for consumers to be social. When consumers can read stories and discuss them all on the same easy-to-use mobile platform, your newsroom is the center of attention. With iQ Press, your newsroom can… • Easily evaluate data for analysis, segmentation, and targeted marketing • Review analytics to monitor user engagement from varied markets • Deploy targeted advertising and promotions based on reader interests • Introduce new products and services to your targets • Build revenue with sponsored pages and content • Enable readers to engage and connect on a deeper level • Provide a community for like-minded people Newsrooms around the world are faced with the reality that consumers today have multiple sources […]


Connecting Fans with Their Team

Posted 01/30/2015 in Business Benefits, Industry Trends, Social Networking

We live in a world in which sports fans of all ages connect and collaborate with one another from all parts of the world, simply for the love of their team. Sports fans everywhere are constantly engaging in game conversation, investing in team merchandise, and always on the look out to find the latest media coverage of their favorite player. These fans, and their interactions between other devotees, sports media, and players, are what keeps the team supported. When an easy access medium is created between the fans and their team, an entirely new world of fan-to-team collaboration is opened. We have created a way in which this medium will channel content-specific media to it’s fans, and allowing your team to reach the largest target audience possible. iQ technologies has created some of the most up-to-date social networking features available to sports enthusiasts and team owners. iQ Sports empowers you to create authentic, rich experiences to strengthen your sports brand and differentiate your team from the competition. Our intelligent platform provides deeper user data for analysis, and the power to offer more sophisticated advertising and sponsorship opportunities. Sports fans are particular and savvy when it comes to receiving and sharing […]


What makes a business succesful?

Posted 10/24/2014 in Business Benefits, Interactive Technology, Product Updates, Social Networking

What makes a business successful? With the thousands of independent businesses struggling to make it in the world, it is easy to forget what consumers value in a business platform. The key to a successful business is simple; an easily accessible business-to-consumer connection. Your business should be able to connect with others at any level. Employees, customers, partners, and fans should all have access to your platform’s information and be able to easily collaborate with your business or organization. When consumers, employees, and partners have constant engagement with their company, they feel safe and confident in their investments. The result: A more effective, connected business. Whether your goal is to increase brand awareness, improve workforce productivity, or measure customer satisfaction, our community platform helps you achieve your business goals. Business, along with any organizations, all have the ability to achieve this level connection. With iQ, your business/organization will have the capability to: • Provide contextual real-time communications across all user bases • Leverage your organization’s collective expertise to make informed decisions • Accelerate new employee onboarding with more seamless assimilation into your company culture • Quicken customer onboarding faster with your brand familiarity • Enrich corporate learning systems across the […]